What is a “keen grasp of the obvious”?

A Keen Grasp of the Obvious is not about any single field or group of topics.  It is about scrutinizing our assumptions about the world and the roles they play in our struggles to understand, describe and explain it and in our efforts to articulate our discoveries or inventions.  Some of these assumptions are stated explicitly, but, in most instances, they remain tacit, hidden from the views of others and, in many cases, ourselves.  Most of them are beliefs that we assume are obviously true.

One of my objectives, probably my principal objective, is to persuade, perhaps convince, you that one man’s obvious is another man’s dubious (in the same sense that one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor).  When I read a blog, book, magazine article or newspaper opinion piece or when I hear a speech or watch a television show, I read and listen for such assumptions.  I try to identify them, catalogue them, determine the roles they play in their context, ascertain their veracity and, ultimately, the conclusions they are used to establish or support.  Of course, my efforts may yield no insight, deep and broad insight, erroneous conclusions or pointless blather on my part.  I hope the readers of this blog will keep me honest.

I’ll post two or three times per week on this blog.  The occasions and frequency of posts depend on the time available and what I’ve read, heard or seen in the week or two prior to the blog.


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